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As an advocate, I have extensive experience presenting both grievance and interest arbitration cases.  As a union representative and labor relations director, I have also been a client represented by other counsel.  Working on both sides, and having seen the process as both an advocate and a principal, has given me a well-rounded view of the process. 
 My goal as an arbitrator is to help the parties resolve their dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Arbitration is only a meaningful alternative to litigation if the process allows the participants to resolve quickly and economically. But the process must also be fair, and provide both sides with an opportunity to present their case for relief. 
 I am committed to providing the parties with early hearing dates and I will issue awards within 30-60 days of the close of the record. 
I have represented clients in every type of discipline case – from written warnings to discharge and for every type of infraction from minor rule violations to insubordination, theft and the like.  I have also arbitrated cases involving contract interpretation on issues affecting pay, seniority, adoption or modification of employer work rules, union security issues, and many others. 
As the director of labor relations for Cook County, Illinois, I oversaw the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements covering 20,000 employees, including about 8,000 sworn officers whose agreements were subject to interest arbitration.  I actively participated in the presentation of the employer’s position in these arbitrations on a range of economic and non-economic issues.
I also have experience as an advocate and neutral at various administrative agencies – the NLRB, EEOC, US Merit System Protection Board, Illinois Labor Relations Board (as a hearing officer), and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (as an advocate). 
I have also tried cases in state and federal courts before both judges and juries.

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