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Jonathan A. RothsteinArbitration and Mediation in Chicago

Telephone: (312) 405-7122 - Fax: (815) 550-1062 / jonathan@jarbitrate.com

Arbitration and Mediation services

A Chicago attorney, Jonathan Rothstein is an arbitrator and mediator in Chicago, IL including the Counties of Cook, Dupage and Will, and he specializes in employment and labor related dispute resolution services.


"I have 35 years as an advocate and neutral in a broad range of disputes, with a focus on labor and employment matters. I have worked for or represented employers, employees and unions in the public and private sectors, and in every employment setting, including manufacturing, health care, public administration, law enforcement, education and many others.  I have been an advocate, representing individuals and classes in employment, civil rights and other types of cases, but I have also been on the “front lines” as a union representative and director of employee and labor relations. Mediation has always been an important part of my professional practice ..." Read more here or call (312) 405-7122


"My goal as an arbitrator is to help the parties resolve their dispute in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Arbitration is only a meaningful alternative to litigation if the process allows the participants to resolve quickly and economically. But the process must also be fair, and provide both sides with an opportunity to present their case for relief. " ... Learn more or call (312) 405-7122

Resume here (PDF)

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